Our Reason for Being


We are dedicated to support low opportunity, under-resourced children and youth through nurturing deep and meaningful relationships amongst their peers and with the greater community.   

We have a vision to see children and youth living out their full potential, contributing to their communities (and the world) as kind and compassionate citizens of the world.  

While we are aware of the increasing pressure of children to perform well academically in Singapore, we believe it is not everything. Our definition of success is to see each child's emotional intelligence, resilience, confidence and compassion for others be developed throughout our program offerings and to ensure that kindness, compassion and empathy are the DNA and the heart of all that we do and all they experience.  

Everything we do, we do so with thoughtful planning, careful intention and with the support of highly qualified, experienced and passionate educators.  

There is no such thing as a 'quiet classroom' at our home base (located in central Singapore), as we believe learning takes place through communication amongst peers, collaboration and learn-by-doing (and failing)!

We run weekly programming that can include meaningful experiences such as mindfulness, sport/body/movement, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Math) and provide once in a lifetime opportunities for our students to personally visit inspiring, innovative corporates and brands like Twitter, Microsoft and more.

At Beyond Awesome, our youth community can explore the world around them and discover friendships and their potential in life. Our program goals are to nurture and develop each child in our care, so that they leave with the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to be a world-ready individual in today's fast changing era. We combine unique opportunities through offerings such as our 'JalanJalan' experiences with personalised care and individual attention.

Children and youth from high-need communities attend our sessions at no cost, many of whom these opportunities would not be accessible given their families financial background.