Give Financially

While we open a few of our workshops to the general public through our 'Play it Forward' sessions, youth from high-need communities attend our sessions at no cost, many of whom these opportunities would not be accessible given their families financial background.  Here are some ways you can contribute financially to our program offerings.


Beyond Awesome Books

Our teachers + program leaders volunteer their time and skill-sets each and every week as WorldChangeAgents (volunteers) and are very much loved by our student community.  Our team is incredibly international seeing committed individuals from Australia, United Kingdom, America and, of course, Singapore!

We want them to feel supported and have the independence to create innovative + exciting programs.  This means, enabling them to put their best foot forward each and every time they step into 'Beyond Awesome' spaces.

Our goal is to fundraise $14,500 which will support ONE YEAR of quality books + resources that will enable us not only to keep going but to innovate and create ways for our students to realise #BeyondAwesome potential, every day.

Items that we need on a regular basis for our programs:

  • Quality Books + Material 
  • Resources for specific activities such as art + craft, photocopying of activity sheets, materials needed for project work, resources needed for our classroom such as extra chairs, safety equipment, first-aid kit stock-up, etc.

Beyond Awesome Food

By the time some of our students come to our program, they are hungry, tired and miserable.  We're not surprised. 

This needs to stop.  

Our solution?  Making sure every student has access to wholesome, nutritious food at our Beyond Awesome HQ.  Some examples of items we make available in abundance to each and every student:  peanut butter sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, oatmeal biscuits, wholemeal bread, raisins and fresh fruit such as apples, bananas, grapes, watermelons.  Each student does not just receive one sandwich.  He/she is able to take as many sandwiches they would like on the condition that they finish everything and do not waste.  For some students, this means eating 5-7 sandwiches in one sitting.  For others, it's eating as many bananas as they love!

Our goal is to fundraise $12,000 which will support ONE YEAR of quality, healthy and nutritious food + snacks that will enable us not only to keep hunger out the door but to guide students towards healthier food choices.


Beyond Awesome Art

We have a partnership with our wonderful friends from Art Outreach Singapore at Gillman Barracks which enables our students to gain access to local galleries, art on the move + passionate artists.  We do this through our 'Jalan Jalan' sessions and visit our A.O friends once a month to provide students with the tools, knowledge, resources and confidence as budding artists!

We have seen how the students love the workshops immensely and can easily get lost in the process of creating their own artworks + with the activities that are tailor-made to their interests.  Unfortunately, we are unable to stay for longer due to the travel time it takes to reach the galleries and again, to head home.  

Our goal is to fundraise $2500  which will support the rest of the year's Art Jalan Jalan Experience by enabling our students to be taken by two buses (as students come from multiple communities) which cost $250 return, all in.  We have 10 months to go in 2017 so we'd like to be able to provide our students with a beyond awesome art experience with our friends at Art Outreach Singapore!


Beyond Awesome Sport

Many of our students don't have access to play + sport outside of their school walls.  We believe that every child should be able to feel 'free to be'.  Free to be themselves.  Free to be happy.  Free to have joy.  Free to run across a field.

Our solution?  Engaging students twice a month at our 'OK GO' series which brings sport to their neighbourhood.  There aren't any specific sport being  played but rather games that encourage compassion, celebration + community.  Through our program coaches (trained by Nike + Coaches Across Continents), we bring kids together no matter their physical fitness level or ability to 'play'.  We hold strong to the belief that:  if you have a body, then you are an athlete.  

There are resources that we need to see this program through such as sport  cones, sport bibs and nutritious snack such as a watermelon which goes a              long way in providing hydration!

Our goal is to fundraise $1040* which will support ONE YEAR of   programming (twice a month, every month).