Group Volunteering


We can accommodate corporate groups , school classes and social clubs (typically up to 20 people) to help with our Beyond Awesome space!  These sessions will typically not involve any direct interaction with children or other community individuals we serve within our classroom environment.  What these sessions will involve is a mini-tour (If held in-house), an overview of our mission, our programs and the impact being made.  Group service project dates* are set in advance and we may not be able to accommodate specific date requests if there is already a group booking in place or a class is in schedule.  Please reach out to speak about alternate dates.

The two sessions** we currently provide for volunteer groups are:

  1. Sort + Prep
  2. Community Walk

Some information on Sort + Prep:  Depending on the needs of the program as well as the size of the group, the activities may change and differ on a weekly basis.  Some of the tasks/activities your team may be involved with: Organising donations in kind, Contributing to tidying and cleaning up the classroom where students thrive on a weekly basis , Organising and tidying the play area, Organising and preparing school supplies, Cleaning and organising and checking inventory of our food pantry + fridge, Creating and/or re-organising wall display and artwork, Sorting and prepping items to be distributed to the community, Prepping supplies and resources needed for upcoming classes, Setting up the classroom for upcoming events, etc.

Some information on Community Walks:  These usually run on weekday evenings (though we are open to running these during office hours as well) and some of the activities your team may be involved with:  encouraging employees to collect resources for hampers, preparing food or supplies hampers to be distributed to families, sharing about our program with families and signing up new children who would benefit from being part of our program, being able to walk the neighbourhood and meet the wonderful families of communities we work in.


We are grateful to  volunteer groups like yours to help us complete important and meaningful work in our Beyond Awesome space and community.  To support our programs, we have a minimum donation amount of $200 (starting June 1st 2018) in place for all group service days.  Your group can choose to give at least $200 to any of the micro-fundraising drives we have listed online or can choose to give to a general fund to support our program.   

Please note that the maximum number of people we can accommodate for these projects is usually 20, and all volunteers must be over 18 years old.  To speak about potential dates and receive information on what is possible for your group, please email us at

*June 2018 is currently full 


** While Sort + Prep and Community Walks are our most common group volunteer projects, we may have other opportunities depending on what time of the year it is and what your group is looking for.   Drop us an email to get a conversation started and explore what's possible.

If a project is not available or does not meet your group's needs, consider these other important ways of supporting our community.

Encourage your friends + family to give to one of our micro-fundraising drives by CLICKING HERE

Check out our regularly updated wish-list of in-kind support that's needed by CLICKING HERE.

Some of our wonderful group volunteers!

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