What is our Jalan Jalan program about?

Our Jalan Jalan program journeys together with youth from under-resourced communities so that they can explore the world, discover friendships and their potential in life. It is our hope that our youth community will gain inspiration and the ability to dream beyond their current circumstances.

What we’re about

Our Jalan Jalan’s are a way for us to introduce youth to places in their own city that they’ve never seen or experienced before - as well as the opportunity to meaningfully engage with the greater community through experiences they could never dream of. Through curated Jalan-Jalan’s, our youths gain a better sense of who they are, what gifts they have to share with the world and are given the ability to dream bigger - and feel that all things are possible!

At the moment, we run our Jalan-Jalan’s on a monthly basis with the hope of increasing this so that more youth have the opportunity to experience something outside their comfort zones. While our Beyond Awesome community serves children and youth aged 6 to 16 in-house and on a weekly basis, our Jalan-Jalan opportunities are open to under-served youths from 12 years old and up! These youth are able to visit inspiring and innovative work-spaces, meaningful places of interest in the city, connects them to potential mentors and challenges their current perspectives.

What’s special about our Jalan-Jalan’s is that youth have verbally articulated that they see the potential to go further in life, that they want to have more ownership in their community and that they would be open to exploring leadership opportunities - being role models for children in our main programming.

While Singapore is affectionately known as the ‘Little Red Dot’, we know that through exploring more of Singapore and meeting with more who call Singapore home, our community will be able to focus on what is possible rather than what is not.

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Host a Jalan Jalan

Are you a workplace or experience based in Singapore? Do you have an inspiring corporate culture? Do you have incredible colleagues or work mates that want to make a difference? Do you have a skill or interest to share? We’d love to hear from you!

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Sponsor a Youth

We welcome between 12 to 15 youth to explore their city meaningfully through each Jalan Jalan. You can make this opportunity available to youth in Singapore that we’ve journeyed with by giving what you can. Coming Soon.