Program Co-ordinator

  • You are highly organized, self-starter and have a head full of ideas + dreams!  
  • You will work together with our leadership team to ideate, curate and plan future programming  + workshops for students to participate in.  You may also be given the opportunity to lead programs on your own with the support of others in our volunteer community.
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Community Outreach

  • You will play an important role to outreach to various under-served communities in Singapore, developing meaningful relationships with parents, families and, especially, with potential students to our program.  
  • You will create and lead community outreach events + nights to share about our program to families.
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  • You love to express yourself through words + telling stories is your forte!   You are also great at capturing stories through images as you will have creative freedom to run our Instagram feed to share inspiring stories of change.
  • You will create, curate and share meaningful stories from our Beyond Awesome community - whether it's from personally meeting with families impacted through our program or having a casual conversation with one of our volunteers to inspire people to serve.
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