Around the World with Beyond Awesome - England

Following all the excitement and energy from our first 'Around the World with Beyond Awesome' session, Teacher Kate took our students to 'visit' the land of scones + royal families, England!

10 historical facts were shared along with some photos depicting diversity in the countryside.  A fun activity that Teacher Kate has added to these sessions is a fun 'quiz night' vibe.  The objective of the 'Around the World' series is to show kids that other cultures and people aren't "weird" for having different customs, histories etc.  We want to show that individuals of all races, culture and countries contribute to making the world a vibrant place.

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Students had a wonderful overview of the country and its culture along with images of what the weather and surrounding environment is like, especially since our students are born and raised in Singapore, a country that is literally the same weather year-round!

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We also had a fun segment where someone had volunteered to send a video to share about his love for his favourite team, Manchester United.  Thank you so much Kristin and Alex for making this possible!

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A component of our session always includes time for students to volunteer to read a story aloud in front of their peers - we're pleased to share that we are never short of volunteers during this time anymore and it's wonderful to see students encouraging their story-tellers on.

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Thank you to Teacher Michelle who baked English Scones for snack-time in line with our Country theme - students got to have a taste of scones + jam towards the end of the evening along with fresh fruit, sponsored by kind and generous givers to our

At the end of the session, students composed a letter as a group to a Pen Pal in Sri Lanka to engage the kids in finding out more about the world themselves.  

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