Around the World with Beyond Awesome - The Netherlands!

Over the summer months, a few of our #WCALeader (Volunteer Leaders) started to re-imagine what our curriculum and content could look like for 2018.  One of the things we definitely wanted to get away from was the expectation of worksheet-filled classrooms and teacher-led discussions.  We wanted to have students voices heard a lot more and see more excited, raised hands.

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So we introduced 'Around the World with Beyond Awesome' where our team would take our students to 'visit' various countries, cities, cultures and neighbourhoods across the globe.  We have begun the process of inviting various guest-speakers into our classroom who will share about their home country, given that Singapore is a mega melting pot of so many races, cultures and ethnicities.  For those who live abroad and want to contribute, we provided a way for them to get involved by volunteering to write postcards to our class or sending a care-package filled with items that we can use for a 'show and tell' portion.  Thank you to Beike for providing goodies all the way from the Netherlands in an express-post package :) 

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We kicked off the series starting off with students visiting The Netherlands and the energy in the room was electric (for lack of a better word)!  One of our teachers, Kate, is half English and half Dutch so she took the time to explain her heritage and her country-men in an engaging powerpoint presentation filled with images of windmills, people and sharing about foods they're well known for, dutch pancakes!  

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Students were then quizzed together on facts they heard during the presentation segment and proceeded to write a postcard to an imaginary friend in the Netherlands! 

We also provided students with the opportunity to create their own dutch pancakes and choose toppings of their choice!

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