Ninja Learning

One of the things we're proud to engage our students with is a concept we have dubbed, Ninja Learning.  What exactly does it mean to be a Ninja Learner?  What on earth is that?!  What does that even mean?!

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Don't worry - the best part is that most of our students don't even know they're participating in Ninja Learning.  That's the core basis of what makes our programs so exciting and interesting to everyone in attendance.  It's the moment when students are excited to learn, sparking curiosity and raised hands to discover more - without knowing they're taking part in the learning process.

We're excited to witness this occurrence in our classroom every week.  This is especially since some of our students first started in our program completely allergic to the notion of learning, running away from anything to do with books or what smelled like school.  The beauty of being able to journey with our students (some of them for the last 2 years) is that we have been able to see a transformation in each of them and this eagerness to learn is contagious to relatively newer students.

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So we've taken our concept of Ninja Learning and applied it to many of our sessions!  Look out for the next blog post that showcases one of our classroom projects that has excited many of our students in recent weeks.  We've only just started it, but it's been an absolute hoot and a half!


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