You are Needed

Throughout the year, we've had the pleasure of coming across some incredible individuals in Singapore.  Some are full-time students, others graduating and looking to start the next chapter in their lives.  Some are working full-time and others are looking for a place where they can explore their purpose, others look to create meaning from putting someone else's needs ahead of their own.  


We've flung our doors wide open and held 'Beyond Awesome 101', our volunteer info + orientation program to people looking for opportunities to give back to their community.  We've shared how volunteers in our community are not any ordinary volunteer, they're cheerleaders.  They cheer kids who attend our program on when they lack that encouragement during the week and they cheer each other on through life's messy challenges, forming friendships in the process.

We're holding our final Beyond Awesome 101 on October 29th and we'd love to see you there.  Details can be found by *clicking here*

You could be excited to get involved but not sure where to begin.  You could be feeling as though you don't have any skills or superhero strengths to offer but you would love to serve in some way.  You could even be sitting on the fence about whether or not to make that first step or not.  We will leave you with the words of one of our program's students who says it best:

"For Beyond Awesome, my wish is to see more volunteers.  I want to see more people because it's a very fun place where we can share many things and learn from each other."

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