Beyond Awesome Nights

On any given Thursday evening, you'll find energetic students proudly wearing green t-shirts and assembling around the void deck/community spaces of two specific neighbourhoods in Singapore.  Now running like clockwork, students ensure they're ready with their bus passes, water bottle, #BeyondAwesome Book Bags and chatter animatedly with one another while waiting for their teachers + learning buddies to arrive.

Rain or shine, an amazing army of #WorldChangeAgents (Volunteers) will excitedly greet our students every week, getting them into two lines and make their way towards the bus stop.  Destination?  Beyond Awesome HeadQuarters.  Based in an un-assuming industrial building, most people would never notice or believe that a fun, learning environment exists behind the double glass doors on the eighth floor.  But it does.  And it's purpose?  Reimagining learning experiences for kids across Singapore, with a specific focus on low-opportunity youth.

On Thursday Nights (We call them our 'Beyond Awesome Nights'), our focus is on making literacy, creative writing and story-telling a fun and exciting journey.  We'll have local authors stop by, literacy-experts and passionate workshop hosts who create + curate with kids in mind.  

One of our recent nights saw Teacher Emily plan activities based around Storycubes. It started off with multiple students raising their hands to volunteer to read a story to the rest of the group (Birthday Boy, Jefri, was selected and he read beautifully!) followed by a large group exercise where each student imagined + created various storylines based on the cubes they rolled.  Students were then split into teams to play their own versions of Storycubes but this time, they had to ensure their stories continued seamlessly from other team members that had shared before their turn.  

Getting into our StoryCubes Circle!

Getting into our StoryCubes Circle!

After a few rounds sharing stories, students were ready for the challenge activity.  Each team was asked to write a story as a group and to present in any format they wanted - in comic form, as a skit or play, in costumes, as a puppet show, etc.  Students buzzed around their team members, excited with their own ideas and working hard to ensure everyone's thoughts were heard (and celebrated).  Thanks to the amazing #WorldChangeAgents who helped to facilitate each team's experience, it was a literary success!

In between activities, every student was given the opportunity to enjoy freshly sliced apples, cheese sandwiches and crackers - prepped and served lovingly by one of our #WorldChangeAgents, Adam - his pride + attitude towards what we do is evident in the way he presented the snacks and we made sure his efforts were celebrated by getting everyone in the room to clap and cheer!

If you had stepped into the space at any given moment that night, you would have been greeted to the sounds of creativity, imagination and little sparks of awesomeness!