The Attitude of Gratitude

This sharing comes from one of our program partners + educators, Dani Van De Velde aka The Meditation Teacher, who regularly serves with our 'Beyond Awesome' program.  She spent some time reflecting on a recent mindfulness workshop that she led.


"It's so great to be back at Blessings in a Bag's 'Beyond Awesome Program' this weekend and the fantastic kids in the Saturday group.

This week we explored how feeling grateful not only strengthens our physical hearts and immune systems, but it can vastly change how we experience each day.

We looked at optical illusions and saw that different people can see very different things when looking at the same image. Life is like this too. We can experience each day in very different ways, depending on how we engage with it. When we have a grateful heart, it is easier to see the good in experiences, ourselves and others. Our day becomes transformed.

The Beyond Awesome Program relies on community support. Click the link here to see how you can help support these gorgeous children in their development and sense of belonging.

Love, Dani."

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