Mindfulness + Kindness

Our students got their colour connection and creativity on with Dani, The Meditation Teacher, and Susan - where they kicked off the #BeyondAwesome Kindness Project.

Dani led the group in a gorgeous mindfulness session packed full of kindness and inspiration. Students got to shine their light by painting colourful patterns and designs, words and pictures onto their rocks - designed to bring a smile to whoever finds them.

At a later date, students will participate in a rock hiding extravaganza - where they will hide their gorgeous art works in the community for others to stumble upon and smile!

Massive thanks to Dani, Susan, Hui Ling, Mei Phing and all the #WorldChangeAgents that volunteer their time to bring our classes to life!

Some beautiful words from Dani:  "Today we explored the true nature of kindness. These wise little ones determined that kindness is a gift; when it's received you feel it in the heart as joy; it has to be given freely to be meaningful; it can be given in a smile, kind words and a helping hand and giving it creates a ripple, because when you experience kindness you just want to pass it on! GOLD!

We practiced ratio breathing and then a guided visualisation in giving kindness and then noticing how the ripple of kindness feels in our hearts.

Check out these beautiful kindness rocks the kids created. These are part of the SGROCKS movement. People all over Singapore are painting beautiful kindness rocks and leaving them in public places for others to find. We will be hiding these gorgeous offerings later this month...stay tuned!

Let the Kindness Ripple roll on!"  

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