Forgiveness and Compassion

Each and every month, we welcome to our community, Dani, of The Meditation Teacher who comes in and leads our youth through mindfulness activities and an opportunity to slow down and reflect. Dani was with us over the weekend and wrote:

I asked the kids what was 'forgiveness' and the replies were priceless!

“It means accepting a 'sorry"; “It means forgetting about it"; "It means trusting again".


Then I asked how many in the group had been bullied and half the group raised a hand. So I then asked why do some people strike out, call names, bully or take something of yours. There were lots of answers and also many questions and discussions. Then one little girl, couldn't have been older than 7 or 8, summed it all up. She raised her hand, and with big eyes and surety said..."It's because they have something bigger going on!" Such wisdom! Such Beyond Awesomeness!

We then practiced mindful breathing and meditative visualisation to nurture compassion for those 'who have something bigger going on' to stand in their shoes and to release them from any binds we hold to their pain-filled behaviours. GOLD!”

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