Beyond Awesome works closely with a highly curated selection of program partners, either co-designing curriculum + workshops or allowing partners to share what they do best with our community!  We have also included a list of amazing people who have made our programs possible!  If you're interested on partnering with us, please contact us by clicking here. 


Art Outreach

The amazing team at Art Outreach co-designs an entire curriculum for our students to explore art in Singapore. Designed to wrap around academic curriculum, the programme exposes students to the world of art and promotes visual literacy. The programme also promotes critical thinking by having students understand the rationale behind the production or artworks in their various cultural, political and historical contexts. 


The Meditation Teacher

Dani Van De Velde aka The Meditation Teacher is an absolute legend in our program.   She is a qualified meditation teacher with over twenty years of personal practice and over ten years teaching experience.  When she first walked through our doors and guided students through mindfulness techniques, it was magical to experience and witness.  We strongly believe in making mindfulness workshops available for our students as it helps in emotion regulation, focus & attention, bringing up compassion and social skills (just to name a few)!

Dani is a member of the Meditation Association of Australia.


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Thank You to UniqLuxe who sponsors all the resources needed for our learn-through-play and craft workshops.  


Thank you to Twitter who partnered with us to make our Jalan Jalan Experiences come to life!  We organised a field trip to the Twitter HeadQuarters in Singapore and the students left with a pocketful of (big) dreams and excitement for the future!