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We want our students to get excited about writing, to share stories and learn about the World beyond their neighbourhood.  We thought to ourselves, what better way to do this than by 'taking them around the World'!  We're planning some upcoming 'visits' to countries, cities and places of interest where our students will learn about other cultures, languages, food and fun facts!  It is our hope that they will, in turn, share their own awesome stories from their neighbourhood and perhaps send you (the writer) a reply back!

Our 'Around the World with Beyond Awesome' series are intended to show kids that other cultures and people aren't 'weird' for having different customs,histories, etc., but that it all contributes to making the world a vibrant place.

We also hope that through this project we can create a more meaningfully connected World for not only our students but for all who participate - something that isn't about a quick 'LIKE' or 'Follow'.

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How it works

For people based in Singapore:  We're inviting people who currently live in Singapore to share about their home country/city - it can be a fun slideshow of photos of what life is like somewhere else in the World, singing the National Anthem, learning the Haka from the Maori people of New Zealand, delicious food-tasting or even teaching our kids how to make something, a unique craft project - anything fun and engaging to a room full of 7 to 14 year olds!  Please fill up the form below if you're keen to get involved!

For people based all over the World:  If you're not able to personally share in our classroom , we would love for you to sign up +  send a postcard/care-package to share about your city + culture. Please fill up the form below if you're keen to get involved and we'll also send you the address!

Our 'tour' dates*:

  • 28th September:  The Netherlands 
  • 5th October - England 
  • 12th October - Sri Lanka
  • 26th October - Germany
  • 30th October - Sweden 
  • 27th January - Australia 
  • ...More 2018 Dates/City Listings Coming Soon!

*** P.S If you're keen to send something through or participate in any way, PLEASE sign up using the form below so our team gets the heads up and can add to our in-classroom lesson plans!  Additionally, if you represent a country/culture that's not listed above but you would absolutely LOVE to participate in this meaningful project for our class in 2018, we'd love to have you!  Please leave a note below.  


A Little Guide about what you can write about or include in your snail-mail:

  • A small object that represents your city/culture - eg keychain
  • Some photos
  • Write a story about what it was like growing up in your city or if you're below 14 years old, what life is like for you right now!
  • Share about what you like to do on the weekends
  • Share about your favourite food/dish - maybe even include a recipe?
  • Describe a particular landmark or place of interest that would be appealing to kids
  • as creative as you'd like!

Beyond Awesome PenPals 

Leave us a note below if you'd like to participate in this project in any way.   We'd love to hear from you!

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