Give Time + Skills

Take a look at some of our openings below and contact us if you're interested.  Please note that you will be required to attend a volunteer orientation session and commit to a few sessions to understand the nature of our programs before you begin your journey with us!

*Beyond Awesome 101's are our volunteer orientation sessions where you can find out more about the work we do, how you can get involved + sign up.  We run Beyond Awesome 101 sessions throughout the year so click the button above to see when our next intake is!



Work together with our passionate team of teachers + educators who meaningfully participated in our program.  You will join to help us commit to providing international-school standard, high-quality education to kids who really need your support and guidance.

Time Commitment:  Minimum 2 sessions a month

Some Requirements: A heart for our program and vision, qualified educator, experience in the education space, great communication skills, amazing team-work persona, ability to deal with challenging situations, problem-solver, always ready to take action, access to Whatsapp.

Openings:  We have current openings for 20 individuals to be part of making a real, tangible difference in lives of kids who will love you to bits!




You will play an important and life-changing role to outreach to various under-served communities in Singapore, developing meaningful relationships with parents, families and, especially, with potential students to our program.  

Time Commitment:  At least twice a month

Some Requirements:  A heart for our program and vision, great communication skills, amazing people skills, high EQ, ability to make people feel at-ease, ability to converse in English, Mandarin Chinese language and/or Malay language, access to Whatsapp.

Openings:  We have current openings for 4 individuals to spearhead with our community outreach efforts.



You will join our team and be the back-bone of our program.  Ensuring that we get passionate, committed and beyond awesome volunteers to serve.  You will be the welcoming voice and face to our program, lead on-boarding processes, share our team culture and brainstorm fun ways to show love to our WCA community through thank-you events and community hangouts.  

Time Commitment:   It is necessary that you are physically present at 1-2 sessions a month to get an understanding of the program + the culture we are cultivating.  On top of this, you'll get to create awesome volunteer appreciation days and volunteer orientation sessions as well as work closely with our leadership team.

Some Requirements: A heart for our program and vision, you've been told you're an amazing 'PEOPLE PERSON', creativity + imagination, great communication skills, high EQ, ability to think on your feet, ability to make people feel at-ease, ability to converse in English, access to internet/Whatsapp chat, ability to deal with challenging situations, problem-solver, always ready to take action.

Openings:  We have current openings for 2 super-duper awesome individuals to lead our WCA Community with love!

Expected Roles + Responsibilities

Recruit WCAs:  When we need to outreach to passionate WCAs in the community, you'll be our go-to person (your vibes will attract our tribe)! You'll use our online platform to actively engage individuals to come on board and run our 'Beyond Awesome 101' sessions which give people a better idea about the work we do, expectations, etc.  You will also be the person we will depend on to determine if someone is a great fit for our program and/or teams!

Train WCAs: Once a new WCA comes on board, you'll be part of the on-boarding process and will help ensure they are not only trained with specific skill-sets (like behaviour management, what to do in classroom settings, etc) but also empowering + encouraging them to be their best!  

Create WCA Program Reports:  You'll build our first WCA program report + impact assessment to see what type of dent we're making in the World.  You will collect data from our communities and use them to share with our leadership teams to improve on the WCA culture, program, etc.

Co-ordinate Volunteers:  On any given date, we see at least 10 WCAs who play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, well-being and happiness of our students.  You will work closely with our WCA community to ensure the roster is kept updated, organized and placing the right people at the right place at the right time.  

WCA Culture + Advancement:  We see WCAs from all walks of life and therefore, each WCA has different needs and expectations during their time with us.  We are all about cultivating the right culture across our teams that will impact students directly!  Your role will be in helping to shape our culture and putting in place our WCA map (Leadership Team, Captains, etc).