You are Needed.

Beyond Awesome WorldChangeAgents (WCAs) are real agents of social change.  They form deep and meaningful relationships with students, other WCA community members and organization partners in Singapore and can expect to grow personally and professionally from being part of  our 'Beyond Awesome' community.  While we believe that each person can contribute and share knowledge with students, we expect that there will be plenty to be learned from students themselves which supports our belief that you can learn anything from anyone at anytime! 

We are building a family of WCAs who believe in long-term sustainability, deep and meaningful impact and that life is one great adventure to be shared with one another.

*Beyond Awesome 101's are our volunteer orientation sessions where you can find out more about the work we do, how you can get involved + sign up.  We run Beyond Awesome 101 sessions throughout the year so click the button above to see when our next intake is!


A check-list to see if you are suitable for our program:

  • I can commit to serving at least 6-12 months with a frequency of at least 2 sessions per month.
  • I will attend the info + volunteer orientation session
  • I believe in the vision and mission of 'Beyond Awesome'
  • I'm a great team player
  • I have effective communication skills
  • I have a 'whatever it takes' mentality and uphold myself to the highest standards
  • I have not committed any crime and can sign a form to declare this.

Let's get started!

Please CLICK HERE to see when our next Program + WCA Orientation session is taking place!